EFTalk, the most potential encrypted decentralized social platform and token, officially started globally

2020-12-14 starsgazette

Encryption Free Talk (EFTalk), a blockchain social platform built by Hacker League, the world's top team of Dark Web, has officially started for its public beta recently. EFTalk uses encrypted chat to protect users' privacy, and provides parallel traffic token EFT. It gives full play to various functional features in social, entertainment, and consumer fields such as account opening, transferring, payment, and encouraging.
Encryption Free Talk (EFTalk) is the first blockchain social ecology on EGG NETWORK, which is committed to creating the Top 1 of global blockchain social platform. Based on the development concept of "perpetual finance", it creates a brand-new decentralized social financial system, connects multi-field industries, and provides a green long-term way for industrial development with the role of "bridge". It provides users with a secret, anonymous, safe and stable experience. In order to better serve users, EFTalk created a content evaluation and incentive system to encourage content screeners to discover more high-quality content!

In order to realize the smooth operation of the platform network, EFTalk has developed a number of key technologies to support the blockchain 4.0 social network system:

1. EFT adopts the Unspent Transaction Outputs (UTXO) native asset model to form a set of chain structures in the transaction process. All actions such as payment and transfer can be traced back to the output of one or more previous transactions. The source of the chain is the mining reward, and the end is the transaction output of the current unpaid charges, which constitutes the UTXO of the whole certificate network. It can achieve scalability enhancement and highly integrated parallel payment capabilities, while achieving safe and efficient anti-double-spending attacks.

2. It has a native and unique distributed data system called Distrbuted Dat System (DS). Its throughput and capacity show a linear normal distribution of the number of nodes. Node layout takes priority over block output time,which is used to distribute time stamps, certificates, smart contracts and transactions.To ensure that the data storage speed and uplink synchronization time are as fast as "milliseconds",the NoSQL query language is used to provide an efficient query mechanism.

3. It has built-in SET intelligent transaction engine based on Google V8. On the blockchain, it natively supports JavaScript language, Java, Go, C# and other major DS development languages, realizing the interconnection of all things and make everything programmable.

4. Its underlying TPS is more than 30 times running speed, and it can expand to support the development and deployment of millions of TPS application systems.
5. Cross-chain protocol 2.0 natively supports dual-layer cross-chain protocol, asset cross-chain and data cross-chain. Dapp data developed based on the public blockchain of EGG and mainstream assets in the secondary market can be exchanged with each other. Cross-chain synchronization End-to-end transmission is highly integrated, open and inclusive.

The emergence of EFTalk,the social ecology on block chain,may become a milestone in the decentralized data era of blockchain 4.0. EFTalk, which subverts the traditional social mode and breaks down the traditional social barriers, will open a new era of block chain socialization and return the social value and token value to every social individual.

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